Jenelle Evans is currently very happy with her life, as she has three Children, a customized home in the middle of the woods, and a loving boyfriend who will become her husband later this month. Evans is starting to create her life away from the "Teen Mom 2" franchise, as she's growing more interested in starting a life in the private sphere. She's been publicly known as a young mother who makes bad decisions for years and one can imagine that Evans is ready to move on and create a positive reputation for herself. For years, fans have seen her make some bad decisions in regards to her relationships, her children and even her own personal health.

For a brief period, she was addicted to heroin and had to fight this addiction with the world watching.

According to a new Instagram post, Jenelle Evans is now revealing that her daughter Ensley is growing up fast and many of her fans love following along on her journey. Of course, Ensley is on "Teen Mom 2" right now, as Evans gave birth to her back in January when she was filming the show. While this is supposed to be one of the happiest moments for Evans, it sounds like fans are criticizing her in regards to Kaiser's behavior and her ways of disciplining her children.

Planning pregnancy?

Even though Evans is very happy with her life, some of her "Teen Mom 2" followers do not think she should have another child.

While Evans has revealed she's done for now, one can imagine she's ready for another child if she and David want to expand the family. It is quite possible that she's thinking about having another baby once Ensley is a bit more independent.

"We can't have anymore of ur seeds running around," one of Jenelle Evans' followers wrote on her post with Ensley.

It sounds like some of her followers don't want her to have any more children. It sounds like a harsh comment, but one could argue that this is the price she has to pay to be a reality star.

Career and money

One can imagine she's thinking about her future and her income once "Teen Mom 2" comes to an end. Her money supply will stop once the show comes to an end, and if she has four children to put through college, one can imagine she will need plenty of savings to get them all a great education.

Even though she's not using her education herself, one can hope that she will encourage her children to go to school and get well-paying jobs.

What do you think about Jenelle Evans' followers writing that she shouldn't have any more kids?