Chelsea DeBoer has been very open and honest with her fans and viewers, as she wants another baby with her husband Cole DeBoer. Even though the cameras were not allowed into the hospital room when she gave birth to little Watson, "Teen Mom 2" viewers have been with her all the way. They watched her share stories throughout her pregnancy and she allows the MTV producers to film scenes with her and her son. Of course, Chelsea has been vocal about how her scenes are edited together, as she doesn't appreciate how MTV doesn't share the fun and happy moments, but will dramatize her reactions toward her daughter, Aubree.

On last Monday's episode of "Teen Mom 2," DeBoer was frustrated with her daughter because she kept saying the same thing repeatedly and when she finally had enough, MTV made it seem like she wasn't happy with her daughter. Instead, the focus went to Watson and how she was gushing about having Baby Fever.

According to a new Instagram post, Chelsea DeBoer is now facing a tremendous amount of backlash because fans are starting to question whether she's dedicated to her daughter Aubree. Of course, the accusations are outrageous, as the editing clearly didn't work in DeBoer's favor. But many fans are wondering how much attention DeBoer is giving to her daughter now that Watson is here. In addition to that, people are wondering if DeBoer will completely neglect her daughter if they do end up having another baby.

Lashing out

While filming "Teen Mom 2," Aubree decided to lash out a couple of times. Chelsea DeBoer decided to confront her daughter about it, revealing that she didn't understand why Aubree was acting out. She suspected that she was jealous of all the attention that her parents were now giving to Watson Cole. This caught the attention of many viewers.

While some understood the desire to be involved, others criticized Chelsea as a mother.

"I wish you would put that precious baby down sometime and pay attention to Aubree," one person wrote to Chelsea on her Instagram photo of little Watson Cole, who had reached seven months. DeBoer shared the photo on Instagram with fans. It was the same photo she tried to take of Watson when he turned five months while filming "Teen Mom 2" this summer.

Two children - and more on the way?

Of course, Aubree may feel even more on the outs if her mother decides to have another baby. While filming the show, DeBoer revealed that Watson Cole had given her baby fever and she would love to have another child. No word on whether she's pregnant, but one can imagine that viewers will give her unsolicited advice.

What do you think about Chelsea DeBoer receiving such harsh comments?