Anyone who follows “Teen Mom 2” knows Jenelle Evans is no stranger to family drama. In addition to dealing with her mother, being in a relationship with David just added another dramatic family member to her life. Unfortunately for Jenelle, the “Teen Mom 2” star and her future sister-in-law Jessica have been arguing back and forth over Twitter for some time now. And, what is this Twitter feud over? Well, none other than her future stepdaughter, Maryssa.

How did this feud start?

This exploded between Jessica and Jenelle just a couple days ago when her future sister-in-law spent some time with one of her brother’s baby mamas – Oliva.

Due to a court order violation, David is unable to see his son. Jenelle informed Jessica that if she was a “good sister” she wouldn’t meet up with Oliva because she was keeping David from seeing his own son.

The feud got much worse

Things really took a turn for the worse when Jenelle and Jessica made each other’s phone numbers public and continued to throw accusations at each other. Jessica accused Jenelle of smoking weed during her pregnancy and Jenelle accused Jessica of getting into fights while pregnant. In fact, Evans went as far as claiming the fights were the reason one of her future sister-in-law’s children had cerebral palsy.

Jessica claimed she wanted it to stop

Jessica recently claimed she wanted all of the drama surrounding Jenelle to stop.

She stated that she just wanted things to go back to the way they were before Jenelle “hoarded” David away from his family. This, however, was the moment things got really ugly. After claiming she wanted the drama to end, Jessica accused the “Teen Mom 2” star of dipping Maryssa’s toothbrush in the toilet as a form of punishment.

A Twitter account representing Jenelle quickly responded to this accusation, stating that Maryssa’s mother had encouraged her to make up lies about Evans in order to make it more difficult for David to get full custody of her daughter. Truthfully, Maryssa hadn’t actually seen her mother in months and the representative who spoke on Jenelle’s behalf claimed that it sounded like something her future stepdaughter’s mother would have said.

One can only hope the ugly accusation Jessica has made about Jenelle Evans dipping her stepdaughter’s toothbrush in the toilet as a punishment is untrue. Considering Jenelle appears to have a pretty solid relationship with Maryssa, the accusation seems unlikely. Too bad being engaged to wed David only seems to be bringing more family drama into Evans’ life.