Jenelle Evans' mom claims in a new interview that she fought her daughter for primary custody of Jace for the sake of the child. Days after being granted with full-custody of the seven-year-old boy, Barbara Evans spoke to Us Weekly magazine about the outcome of the case and insisted she was not keeping him from his biological mother, despite what the "Teen Mom 2" star has told fans.

Barbara explained to the magazine days after her custody win last week in North Carolina that she has to protect her grandson from certain situations. According to Barbara, Jace has a great life at her home and in addition to attending school, he is currently enrolled with the Boy Scouts and also has plans to go to summer camp in the coming weeks.

Jenelle Evans signed custody of Jace over to her mom in 2010

Because she was not financially stable at the time of Jace's birth in 2009, she later signed over rights to the child. Years later, however, after struggling with an addiction to drugs and enduring several failed relationships, Evans decided to try and win back custody of her oldest child. Unfortunately, last Wednesday, a Brunswick County judge ruled in the favor of her mother and granted Evans with visitation time.

In response to the ruling, Barbara said she thinks the whole family will be very happy and noted that her main concern was for her daughter. As she cryptically pointed out, a drawn out court battle would not have been a good thing for the longtime reality star, who has dealt with her fair share of drama in recent years.

Jenelle Evans' relationship with Barbara is 'very strained'

As for her relationship with Evans, Barbara said that things between them aren't great. In fact, according to Barbara, the "Teen Mom 2" star hates her but she remains hopeful that things between them will improve at some point. As she explained, her relationship with her daughter is very strained at the moment and at times, Barbara struggles to understand why Evans doesn't see that her home is the best place for Jace.

She also claimed the reality star wasn't putting her son's well-being before her own desires.

"She isn't thinking that my house may be a better place, especially while she's with David,” she said, noting Evans' relationship with David Eason, her current fiancé, who she previously butted heads with during the sixth season of "Teen Mom 2."

Jenelle Evans and her family are currently filming the upcoming eighth season of "Teen Mom 2."