This week on "The Bold and the Beautiful," a tough decision will be made in the name of love. Brooke will choose to walk away from her marriage in order to teach her spouse a lesson. She will leave Dollar Bill behind, hoping he will realize there are consequences to his choices.Spoiler alerts indicate that Rick and Maya, along with Katie, will do all they can to comfort and support her, but Ms. Logan is in serious pain. She loves her husband and wants him to learn a lesson. Bill Spencer is likely incapable of changing, even for the love of his life.

Everyone is in Brooke's ear when what she really needs is space

From the moment she left home, there have been too many people in Brooke's ear. At a time when she needs space so she can clear her head and think, Dollar Bill has been tracking her everywhere and begging her to come home. he has called, texted, and shown up at "Forrester Creations" trying to talk to her. Liam told his stepmother she would be better off without his dad, and to leave Bill for good. Steffy is siding with her father in law and asked Ms. Logan to please reconcile with her spouse. Brooke's teenage son and former husband have ideas of their own.

Both Ridge and R.J. hope Brooke will come home to them and have told her as much.

R.J. wants his family unit back together, while Ridge wants to get Brooke away from Dollar Bill. Although he does love her, the rivalry is more motivation for him more than his feelings are. Steffy is afraid Bill will retaliate against Liam if he does not regain control of Spencer and his wife does not return home. Liam wants to see "Spencer Publications become more charitable, and for his father to pay for having "Spectra Fashions" set on fire.

According to spoiler alerts, however, there will be three people in Brooke's corner who really do have her best interest at heart, and are not motivated by their own personal agendas. Rick, Maya, and Katie will be looking out for Brooke's best interests, and lend unconditional comfort and support to this woman they all love.

Rick and Bill have fought corporate battles, while Maya was outed by him as being transgender. Katie was married to Bill and lost him to her sister.

None of these three are involved in the current situation, so they can be there for Brooke without trying to influence her decision. This will be a trying time and Ms. Logan needs her wits about her. Having a son, daughter in law, and sister in her corner will certainly help, because sooner or later Brooke herself will pay a price. Eventually, the estranged wife of Dollar Bill Spencer must deal with him head-on, and make a final decision about their marriage.