On "The Bold and the Beautiful," everyone has an opinion regarding Brooke Logan's love life. Dollar Bill wants his wife to come home, while Ridge lets her know he is available if she leaves her spouse. R.J. wants his mother and father to reconcile so they can be a family, but Steffy tells her to go back to her husband. Liam advises his mother-in-law to walk away from his fathe and never look back because she deserves better. Brooke stated that she still loves her husband and just needs some time away, but the vultures are circling. Every one of them is trying to force her to make a decision based on their opinion, and not giving her room to think for herself.

Brooke ran straight to Ridge, which gave R.J. hope

After finding out that Bill ordered the fire at Spectra Fashions, Brooke was in a state of shock. She said she did not know the man she was married to and needed some space. Her husband apologized and begged her not to leave. She left anyway and he has been calling and texting, but she will not respond. Her first stop after leaving home was Forrester Creations. Shortly after she arrived Ridge was the one to initially see her. His ex cried on his shoulder but did not give him details in terms of what happened.

Ridge let her know he still cared and would be there for her if she needed him. He did not push when she would not tell him what Dollar Bill had done.

When R.J. encountered his mom, he was excited and said it was time for her to reconcile with his father. Brooke's son said he believed the three of them could be a family once more. Again, she emphasized that she just needed some space but the teenager is looking for the miracle reunion between his mother and father.

Steffy and Liam are at odds regarding Dollar Bill and Brooke

When she spoke to her son-in-law, Liam told Brooke to leave his dad and never look back. Steffy, on the other hand, advised her to forgive her husband and go home to him. Steffy wants everyone to move forward and forget recent events because she is afraid of the consequences should Dollar Bill seek revenge on his son.

Ms. Logan has so many people in her ear telling her what to do that she's likely not able to think straight.

She cannot just turn off the feelings she has for her current husband, but she also cannot forget that her former spouse was kissing Quinn right before they were to be married. She loves R.J. and wants her teenage son to be happy, but she is unable to go back to his father only to satisfy their child. She agrees with Liam that her husband's recent actions are despicable, but also understands Steffy's point about saving her marriage. Yet again the love triangle of Ridge, Brooke, and Dollar Bill continues.