Jeffrey Dean Morgan slipped up revealing the sex of his unborn second child with actress Hilarie Burton over the weekend while speaking to fans at the "Supernatural" fan convention. The happy couple just recently shared the news that they are expecting their second child together. Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who plays Negan on the hit AMC thriller "The Walking Dead" and Hilarie Burton, best known for her role as Peyton Sawyer on the CW hit "One Tree Hill."

CW stars make adorable couple

According to Morgan's accidental slip up he and Hilarie, who are parents to 7-year-old son Augustus and will soon be adding a baby girl to their happy little family.

Morgan's baby news blunder was captured via a fan photo that clearly reveals Dean's shock after he accidentally shared the baby gender news in front an of New Jersey crowd. Hopefully, the happy couple was not planning a gender reveal party for their family and friends.

Morgan fans awaiting return of 'The Walking Dead' on October 11

"Whoever took this picture?? Caught a moment... thank you," he captioned the post. "We shall cherish.... I texted @hilarieburton right after I spilled the little girl beans... and, as usual... she was a rockstar. After all these years she's come to expect me to be a dope... thank god she gets it, and loves me regardless."

Morgan is set to return to AMC on October 11th resuming his role as Negan on "The Walking Dead" for season 8.

Fans are anxiously awaiting the fall season 8 series as Rick Grimes, and his group of apocalyptic survivors prepares to take on their cruelest enemy to date in an "All Out War."

"Walking Dead" fans remember quite well and vividly Negan's introduction to "The Walking Dead" in the season six cliffhanger that left millions of fans on the edge of their seats waiting to see which member of Rick's group would face the brutal wrath of Lucille in the season 7 opener.

Fans tuned into the season 7 premiere to find that Negan killed not one, but two beloved group members, first bashing in the skull of Abraham Ford before turning the deadly baseball bat on "Dead" veteran Glenn Rhee played by Steven Yeun.

Morgan and Burton have been together since 2009. The couple was introduced by a mutual friend "Supernatural" star Jensen Ackles, who was then dating his now wife Danneel Harris, Hilarie's "One Tree Hill" co-star.

"One Tree Hill" ended their long CW run after nine seasons in 2012. Hilarie Burton was last seen on the still popular teen drama at the end of season six driving away from Tree Hill with husband Lucas Scott (Chad Michael Murray) and baby daughter Sawyer Scott.

"One Tree Hill" fans continue to keep the series popularity alive via Netflix where all nine seasons can be streamed at this time. However, Netflix announced this month that the series would be leaving streaming network as of October 1st disappointing millions of devoted "OTH" fans.