Hollywood sources have revealed the plot for “Bond 25,” the sequel to “Spectre.” In the film, Agent 007 James Bond is retired and has a happy married life. However, tragedy brings him back into action.

Leaked plot

Insiders told Page Six that when “Bond 25” opens, notorious playboy James Bond has finally decided to settle for one woman. He has chosen to wed Dr. Madeleine Swann (Lea Seydoux), who he rescued at the end of “Spectre.” He also fancied and romanced the doctor in the film. James Bond (Daniel Craig) is a happily married man when the film opens.

He has retired from being a secret agent to live a domestic life.

Tragedy brings Agent 007 back to work

However, the way “Bond” movies go, nothing this good lasts forever. There is no happy ever after because something or someone always ruins the day. This time it is a tragedy. James Bond’s married life is shattered when his wife is killed. There is no mention of who killed his wife, but it would not be a surprise if the person has ties to the film’s main antagonist. The death of his wife then prompts James to return to work so he can avenge her death. “The film’s like ‘Taken’ with Bond,” the source told the publication. The insider did not provide any other details about the film’s plot. However, fans should take this information with a grain of salt unless otherwise confirmed.

The studio has yet to release the synopsis for the movie.

Last stint as James Bond for Daniel Craig

This will be Daniel Craig’s last film as the suave British agent. After several speculations about his involvement, the actor finally confirmed his return to the franchise just recently. He told Stephen Colbert during an interview on “The Late Show” that he decided that “Bond 25” would be the last time he would take on the iconic role.

Craig admitted that he took on the role again as he wanted to end on a high note.

The actor’s confirmation came after he previously said that he would rather slash his wrist than do another James Bond film. He clarified with Colbert that his remarks at the time were made in the moment, when he was exhausted after filming for “Spectre” which wrapped up two days prior.

He said that he was always interested in a return, but he just needed a break.

'Bond 25' release date

Filming for the sequel will begin in November with the screenplay by Neal Purvis and Robert Wade, who also worked on “Spectre” and “Skyfall.” Yann Demange will direct. “Bond 25” is scheduled for release on Nov. 8, 2019.