“Spectre,” the 24th and most recent film in the James Bond franchise, is close to becoming two years old now. On and off from 2016 until this year there has been a discussion on when the next Bond movie from MGM and Columbia Pictures will hit cinemas across the world. There were also questions on whether the role will continue to be reprised by current actor Daniel Craig, who has wavered between “yes” and “no” in past interviews. After plenty of speculation going on, the studios have finally decided to give a definitive year on when to expect a James Bond sequel but no word yet if it will have Craig.

Return of the usual

The next film featuring Agent 007, codenamed “Bond 25”, will be expected o theaters in 2019. According to MGM and EON Productions, the James Bond franchise holder, it will initially premiere in the UK and globally before hitting US cinema screens in November of that year, as is Bond movie tradition. As always EON’s Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli will be producing the film, with Neal Purvis and Robert Wade returning to write as well. The two have been constant scriptwriters on the franchise since the debut of Daniel Craig as Bond in “Casino Royale” of 2006.

Of course, the real question being asked right now is whether or not the steely blue-eyed and hard-boiled actor really will return for another go-around as James Bond.

It should be remembered that shortly after the release of “Spectre” in 2015 Craig said in an interview that he’d sooner cut his wrists before taking up the character’s mantle one more time, though it could simply be shooting fatigue talking. Days earlier an article on the UK’s “Mirror” would have it that the actor has become more amenable for yet one more role reprisal, especially after learning how many other British stars have expressed interest in becoming 007 after him.

Long-running role reprisals

At four James Bond films under his belt, Daniel Craig is currently tied with Pierce Brosnan in third place for the most times an actor has portrayed the character on film. Should his participation be confirmed by MGM and Columbia for “Bond 25” then Craig will be solely in third place (and Brosnan fourth) behind Sean Connery (six) and the late Roger Moore (seven) for playing the suave British spy?

An official statement by MGM released on Monday, July 24 related nothing more other than to wait for a later date regarding details such as the UK/international release dates, casting, and director, and so on.