Sofia Vergara may have been hailed as the highest paid TV actress for the sixth time but her hard work and continuous effort to be significant doesn't stop there. According to CNN Money, aside from being popular for her role in the hit TV series, "Modern Family," Vergara is also a businesswoman. However, being a businesswoman isn't really a new venture for the "Modern Family" actress, as CNN Money reports that she has been engaging in several businesses for almost a decade already. Additionally, Vergara doesn't simply engage in business for her own gain, but she actually considers social issues close to her heart.

Her current and latest business is called EBY, an innovative underwear subscription service. EBY efficiently delivers women's underwear, saving them the time and the hassle of having to go to a physical store. The icing on top of that business is that 10 percent of the profit from every sale actually goes to the funds for microfinance loans for aspiring or struggling female entrepreneurs.

A woman of beauty, brains, and compassion

According to CNN Money, Sofia Vergara shared that she considers two major things before venturing into a business - impact, and profitability. Given the fact that she might not be on the list of financially struggling women, she takes on the role of someone who would like to empower other women who are having a hard time with their business.

Clearly, Sofia Vergara is one of the celebrities who take the initiative to use their fame for a good purpose. According to Forbes, Vergara earned an impressive $41.5 million in the past year, so it's safe to assume that she's into business not to earn more money but to help and empower women who aspire to be successful entrepreneurs.

Looking back - her career was built on business

Sofia Vergara also shared that her career was actually built on business and she wanted to give other women the same opportunity to succeed. Her first venture began in 1994 when she noticed that there was a lack of agents representing Hispanic women. Being a Hispanic woman herself, she took the matter into in her own hands and thus began the talent management firm, Latin World Entertainment.

It's worth noting that Vergara wasn't the only person who jump-started the Latin World Entertainment.

It was co-founded with Luis Balaguer and the rest, as they say, is history. Currently, LWE has expanded into licensing and marketing and is representing some of the biggest names in Spanish-language TV.