Javi Marroquin was shocked and saddened when he learned that his wife, Kailyn Lowry, wanted out of their marriage. They had been married for a few years and despite having some troubles, Javi was convinced that they could work on their issues and find solutions to their problems that would work for them. On "Teen Mom 2," Marroquin tried to convince his wife to work things out, but she filed for divorce, and the two finalized their divorce last fall. It didn't take long for them to argue about the children.

While they were married, Marroquin had raised Isaac as if he was his own son.

Of course, Isaac is indeed Jo Rivera's son, but Javi had been his stepfather since he was a toddler. When they divorced, Javi was worried that he wouldn't get to see Isaac anymore. However, these two maintain a great relationship, and it sounds like Marroquin is ready to give him whatever he needs.

According to a new Instagram post, Javi Marroquin recently opened up about raising his own son Lincoln, and he revealed that sports were a great way for Lincoln to get the foundations going in his life. It sounds like Javi had the same thing when he was growing up and he revealed he was thankful for the support.


The comment surfaced when Javi Marroquin brought Lincoln and Isaac to Jiu Jitsu this week.

He revealed he was proud of his sons for trying this new sport and he was excited about everything that they were going to learn. He also opened up about his own childhood and explained how thankful he was for everything his parents had done for him.

"Not realizing at the time how much it meant that they were my number 1 fans.

I promised myself I'd do the same with Lincoln cause pretty soon I'll be the crazy dad encouraging him from the sidelines. For now, the fundamentals will build the foundation," Marroquin explained on Instagram.

Proving he's a good dad

It sounds awesome that he's taking time off to go support his two sons. On "Teen Mom 2," Javi Marroquin proved that he could put aside all of the drama with his ex-wife, as he taught Isaac how to ride his bike.

Javi stayed with him until he was able to do it, and fans realized how awesome Marroquin has proven himself to be. They were clearly excited about his role in Isaac's life, as many fans were worried that Isaac wouldn't get to see his stepfather again.

What do you think of Javi Marroquin's decision to give Lincoln and Isaac the same foundation as he was given by his parents? Are you surprised he's playing such a big role in Isaac's life?