We have been interested in who will play Lilith in season 3 of "Shadowhunters" ever since her debut in the season 2 finale for many reasons. First, because she is a demon, and second she plays an important role in Jonathan's resurrection and in the installment's story as a whole.

That's why we are excited to hear the news that the role has been cast and more so, that "Arrow" alum Anna Hopkins has supposedly bagged the part.

Lilith is coming

Series creator Todd Slavkin previously confirmed in a tweet that they have already cast Lilith, although he did not provide any details.

He only said that season 3 will be exciting with the main villain's arrival.

Anna Hopkins cast as Lilith

According to Twitter user Shadowhunters Poland, Anna Hopkins (“After the Ball”) will play the role of Lilith. However, there is no official announcement to back up this claim. Freeform and Todd Slavkin have yet to confirm that Anna Hopkins will indeed play the Big Bad in “Shadowhunters” season 3. Likewise, the actress has also remained mum about her involvement in the series.

It is not hard to imagine Hopkins in the role if that cliffhanger in the season 2 finale is any indication.

The Lilith we saw in episode 20, “Beside Still Water,” has a small frame, which coincidentally Hopkins possesses. Likewise, the actress is from Canada, where filming for the installment will take place.

Hopkins’s notable appearance

Fans of The CW may remember Anna Hopkins as Samantha Clayton in “Arrow.” Hopkins played the role since 2014.

She also appeared in a crossover episode of “The Flash” in season 1.

In “Arrow,” Oliver Queen cheated on Laurel Lance with Samantha, and they had a child together. However, Oliver's mother paid Samantha to lie and say that she lost the baby. She also asked her to move to Central City. Samantha told Oliver that their baby died and she moved away from him.

Presently, Samantha's fate is up in the air after Prometheus blew up the island that she and a few others were still on in the season 5 finale of "Arrow."

What Lilith’s appearance means for Clary and Jace

Lilith’s arrival in season 3 of “Shadowhunters” means bad news for Jace and Clary. Not only is she a demon whose blood flows in Jonathan Morgenstern, she also possesses strong mind control powers. In the installment, she takes control over Jace, who becomes vulnerable to demonic influences after his resurrection, and orders him to kill Clary.