george clooney is back in the spotlight and doing interviews, as he promotes his new film, Suburbicon,” which premiered at the international film festivals in Venice and Toronto.The movie was directed by Clooney and stars Matt Damon and Juliane Moore. It is scheduled for US release on October 27.

The film director didn’t just talk about Suburbicon,” but he also thoughtfully discussed his brand-new status as the father to 3-month-old twins, Ella and Alexander, and how the experience has changed his perspectives.

Clooney and his wife Amal became parents last June, more than two years after they married last September 2014.

Parenthood is a funny thing

In his interview with Variety, George Clooney described fatherhood as a funny thing because unlike the subject of the film where he can share some unique experiences with somebody in the industry, talking about being a parent is the same experience for everyone.

He identified the usual stuff like being up all night, walking the children a little bit, changing diapers, and being “shocked,” apparently, by the amount of baby poop on the diaper.

Parent at 56

The 56-year-old father told AP meanwhile, that he never thought he would become a parent of twins at his current age. Clooney also described as “terrifying” the fact that he suddenly became responsible for other people.

His advice though was not to make plans and just enjoy the ride.

The actor continued by giving praise to his wife, Amal Clooney, for being akin to an Olympic athlete and for “doing so beautifully" as a parent. He added that their daughter Ella, is an exact image of her mother and that she has Amal’s “big beautiful eyes.”

On raising their twins

In his interview with PEOPLE, the Academy Award winning actor ("Syriana") talked more deeply about raising his children amid a world of privilege.

He told his interviewer that just like any other parent, he faces the challenge of ensuring that his kids are decent persons as well as happy and safe.

Clooney said the circumstances of their twins being born “into a sort of lucky situation,” make no difference because “…you want to make sure they’re empathetic and compassionate.”

The Kentucky born actor said he wants his kids to learn all the things he was taught as a young man about “how we’re only successful as a country as the people who are least successful.”

George Clooney continued by saying it will be a challenge to always remind the children that being born in one place doesn’t give a person the right to disregard the difficulties of others.