Spoiler alerts for "The Young and the Restless" suggest that viewers are becoming weary of current storylines that lack direction and clarity. It's long past time for the "Villy" versus "Philly" saga to end as well as other love triangles in genoa city.

'Villy' against 'Philly' and 'Lane' and 'Jane' need to be resolved

The ongoing storyline with Billy, Phyllis, and Victoria needs quick resolution. At one point it seemed "Villy" was getting back together, but Vicky decided to push Billy away because of her father. This led to him to turn to Phyllis, and "Philly" was once again front and center.

The rivalry between Phyllis and Victoria is getting old, and Billy needs to choose one woman or the other. "The Young and the Restless" writers should have mercy on the viewers and put this triangle out of its misery.

"Lane" fans were outraged with the storyline that led their favorite couple to separate. We know Ms. Helton is definitely pregnant, but some viewers continue to hold out that Cane is not the baby daddy. Now that he is working with Hilary to keep Lily and Jordan apart, it does not seem plausible that "Jane" will pick up any steam. Even so, as long as Cane believes the baby is his, Ms.Helton will continue to be a thorn in the side.

Genoa City needs clarity and direction with Tessa and Noah, and Mariah and Devon

There really needs to be clarity in the relationships of Noah and Tessa as well as Devon and Mariah. It is clear that Devon and Hilary continue to have chemistry and still care about each other. Mr. Hamilton, however, is committed to Mariah who is fighting feelings for Tessa, who happens to be dating her brother Noah.

Hilary is currently consumed by working with Cane to keep Jordan and Lily apart. She cannot accept that Jordan left her for the former sister-in-law that she loathes. These relationships are all over the place, and it's time there was some closure in Genoa City.

"The Young and the Restless" writers have all these individuals on the periphery of breaking up, making up, rebounding and exploring uncharted territory.

Somewhere in Genoa City, there need to be a few solid couples that fans want to root for. The unresolved storylines need to end. The couples need direction and the fans desire closure. There is absolutely no way at this point to figure out where any of this is headed. Even the spoiler alerts have not yet accurately been able to predict what will happen next, and who will end up together.