The rumors are always flying about the Brown family from "Alaskan Bush People" on Discovery. The latest rumor is that Gabe Brown went missing, but that isn't true at all. Rain Brown recently went to her Instagram page to share an update on Gabe and what is going on with him. Everyone is glad to hear that he is doing okay and there was nothing to be worried about right now.

What is going on with Gabe?

Rain actually shared a picture with Gabe Brown and wanted to let the fans know that he was doing just fine. There was a reason that nobody had heard from Gabe lately, though.

He actually went swimming with his phone and then ended up losing it. After explaining this story, Rain shared more saying, " he's hanging in there as we all are, love you guys thank you all for the support prayers and love it truly does help❤️ God bless all of you." It is great news to hear that the family is doing so well.

The entire Brown family has been living in California so they could be with Ami while she was going through her treatment. It is nice to know that Ami has her family by her side during this hard time in her life.

Rain keeps updating fans

Rain Brown has been doing a great job of updating fans on how she is doing. She is using her Instagram account, which is heroofkirrkwell to tell everyone how she is doing.

Rain has been sharing selfies and also pictures of her siblings. Rain has been getting a bit of a hard time from fans for seeming so happy while her mom is going through so much. Rain is sticking up for herself though and hasn't stopped posting pictures of herself.

Right now, it sounds like Ami Brown isn't doing very well and it has been revealed that she is losing a lot of weight.

Now that the current season of "Alaskan Bush People" is done filming, it might be a bit harder for everyone to get updates on her condition. Fans keep reaching out and saying that they are praying for her.

Everyone has been worried about the Brown family ever since the news came out that Ami Brown had cancer. The family seems to be sticking together.

Hopefully, news will come out soon about the future of "Alaskan Bush People" on Discovery. The fans would love to hear that it was coming back once again. This was supposed to be the last season of the show, but it really is starting to sound like that won't be the case. Everyone loves the Brown family and can't imagine not getting updates on them even if they aren't living in Alaska anymore and decide to do something else with their lives.