There is good news and bad news surrounding veep return in 2018. The good news is it has been renewed for a seventh season, but the bad one is it will be its swan song. A lot were surprised when the television show’s cancellation has been announced, but it was actually quite expected.

The contracts of the political satire comedy series’ original cast all ended after its sixth season. But, as they only signed one-year contracts for the seventh installment, there are strong speculations that it will be the show’s end.

HBO’s official statement

HBO President of Programming Casey Bloys revealed an official statement explaining their side of why “Veep” Season 7 has to end.

“The decision to bring ‘Veep’ to a close at the end of next season is bittersweet,” she admitted (via Deadline).

Although they all love the television show and its cast and crew, they have to respect its producers’ decision to end Selina Meyer’s (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) journey. She even commended the 56-year-old star for her brilliant portrayal of the fictional U.S. president. Bloys also added that the actress gives her role “a dynamic presence and a vibrant wit” that made her as one of the most iconic comedic characters in television history.

“We look forward to producing the seventh and final season,” she said.

The television show’s finality

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Julia Louis-Dreyfus revealed her sentiments about “Veep” Season 7’s final bow.

"It became clear that this season should be the last season," she confessed.

Louis-Dreyfus explained that she and the television show’s executive producer David Mandel had thought hard when they would perfectly end the series. She said that they are trying to avoid repeating themselves and getting people sick of watching them for being on air for a long while.

So, their story will be ending with a finality that will feel like it is the series' end. Although the decision doesn’t come easy, she knows they have to do it.

“It's bittersweet, but it's right," she said. Both Louis-Dreyfus and Mandel disclosed that they are now polishing “Veep” Season 7’s storyline. They teased that the arc will stay true to its original theme taking bold twists from their principal story.

Mandel also hinted that the television show’s major stars and even HBO already know when and how its narrative will end. But, they all have kept it a top secret, continuing to surprise its fans.