The fans of "Alaskan Bush People" don't hold back and they watch the Browns every single move. Right now, Ami Brown is in the hospital and dealing with lung cancer. The reality star isn't doing well and now Heavy is sharing that some people are giving her daughter Rain Brown a hard time about the fact that she is posting selfies while her mom is battling cancer. They are all living in the lower 48 states right now while Ami goes through her treatment. She is very lucky to have her family by her side

What did Rain do that upset people?

Rain Brown has been going to her social networks and isn't afraid to just share selfies of herself.

It looks like she is having a good time, but some people aren't happy about that at all. Right now, Rain's mom Ami is battling lung cancer. This all started on Friday when Rain posted a picture of herself on Instagram. Some people feel like she should not be doing this at all while her mom is sick, but others are defending Rain saying she isn't expected to sit around and cry nonstop.

Reports are that Ami Brown isn't doing well and that she is allegedly in stage four of her lung cancer battle. So far, the family hasn't confirmed this news yet, but Ami has been pictured and she isn't looking good. She did an interview recently and made it obvious that she doesn't know how much longer she has or if she will survive.

Rain speaks out to the haters

Rain Brown is speaking out to the haters, though. She has noticed the comments on her posts about how people don't think she should be doing selfies like this all the time. When Rain posted her latest selfie, she posted a comment toward the haters along with it. She started out teasing that yes she did post another selfie.

Next, she said, "You gotta love yourself kids no matter who try’s to push you down, you wouldn’t believe the people I have had trying to make me mad and a bad person but I just throw love they’re way along with a witty remark." After that, Rain went on to explain that she feels like love is never wrong.

Are you shocked to hear that everyone is giving Rain Brown a hard time about posting selfies?

Do you feel like everyone should leave her alone? Sound off in the comments section below, and hopefully "Alaskan Bush People" will return to Discovery in the future. They said that this last season would be the final one, but the rumors are flying that it could come back again. The fans would be thrilled if the Brown family returned to television.