Today on a new episode of "The Wendy Williams Show" Rachel Lindsay sat down with Wendy Williams to talk about how she is doing now. Wendy admitted that she didn't really watch the show, but she does know who Rachel is and they showed off her three-karat engagement ring.

When are they getting married?

Rachel said that they are not going to rush a wedding. She said maybe fall or winter of next year. Wendy talked about how they rushed their engagement but didn't want to rush their wedding for some reason. Rachel is already back at work as a lawyer.

She said while in Dallas she doesn't have a lot of issues with TMZ and people following her around, but she has pretty much gone back to normal life.

rachel lindsay admits that she felt the pressure to pick a black male, but she didn't do it. She picked the person she felt the connection with instead. She does say that Bryan isn't white but instead is actually Columbian. Rachel says that she really does feel like this is going to work for them.

Wendy Williams says she doesn't believe that you can find love on reality television. Rachel told Wendy and the audience that she is going to turn them into a believer and she wants Wendy to come to the wedding. Rachel admits she wanted to be engaged, but she didn't just pick Bryan because of that he was the one that she wanted.

Peter didn't want marriage right away, but that wasn't the only reason she didn't pick him. They have been engaged for four months now.

Why did she do the show?

Wendy asked her if part of why she wanted to do the show was the idea of being on television and in magazines, but Rachel kind of avoided that and talked about how she wanted to represent herself as a great African-American woman on the show.

Rachel also said she never watched the show before she was actually talked into doing it by her co-workers. It wasn't about fame for her. Her life did change from being on the show. There are already rumors flying that Rachel and Bryan are just faking it for the cameras, but the fans are going to just have to wait and see.

When Bryan joined her on the couch, he put his arm around her right away.

They are planning to move to California and Bryan is getting licensed so he can work as a chiropractor there. They even said they might end up getting married on television, but have no plans for a spin-off. Bryan said his relationship with her dad is a work in progress and they are slowly getting to know each other.

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