Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen reportedly called it quits as a couple after 10 years of relationship. The split news was confirmed on Wednesday when Bilson was spotted in Los Angeles out and about for the first time. She was seen going shopping solo at the Sweet Williams children's clothing store. It was also confirmed that the actress is currently living in L.A. while her former partner, Christensen, now lives in Toronto.

One of Bilson's friends told E! News that the couple had ended their long-time relationship. It was learned that the former couple decided to go their separate ways due to the build-up of issues and problems in their relationship.

Both reportedly agreed to break up and decided to move on from their ill-fated relationship separately.

Different lifestyles

The former couple's different take on their lifestyle could have been one of the reasons for their split. It was revealed that Bilson used to be outgoing, sociable, and someone who loves to spend time with friends. On the other hand, Christensen is very introverted and is someone who prefers to be alone. Bilson and Christensen have repeatedly addressed these issues and tried to make their relationship work.

However, it seems that the former couple could no longer take it anymore and this made them decide to finally separate. Bilson's friend told reporters of E! News that the actress just got tired of living her life her former partner.

Keeping the romance private

Since the former couple got engaged in 2009, both of them tried to keep their relationship out of the public eye. They apparently ended their relationship briefly in 2010, but the couple became reconciled after three months.

In 2014, the former couple welcomed their firstborn daughter and Christensen was happy to share about the blessing the child brought to his family.

The former couple used to consider giving their daughter a sibling. However, in one of her interviews, Bilson confirmed that having a second child was still up in the air. She previously revealed that she was having so much fun with her life and she felt happy and contented with what they had.

Part of their family secret at staying happy and healthy was attributed by Bilson to staying low-key. SAfter her split with her high-profile partner, Adam Brody, it seemed that Bilson started to claim some privacy in terms of relationships. Sadly, with

Sadly, with Hayden, it looks as if some things didn’t work well for them. Whatever their decisions are, their fans simply wish them the best in their lives.