"Nashville" fans can rejoice. Not only is the show returning this week, but there is already news on season 6. Yes, CMT is renewing it for another year. While this is mostly good news, there is some bad news connected with it. However, nothing can be as bad as losing the beloved Rayna James, right? Here's a look at everything we currently know about "Nashville" season 6.

A reduced episode order is in store

Fans who have been used to the 22-episode seasons will need to readjust their expectations. The country drama is getting a reduced episode order for the next season.

Back in April, CMT confirmed that it would only bring the show back for 16 episodes.

This isn't necessarily a bad thing. It could just mean that it works better for the cast and crew. However, CMT is still to decide whether this will be the final season of the country show. If it is, "Nashville" has had two more seasons than initially expected since ABC cancelled it at the end of season 4.

'Nashville' still has life

There are high chances that the reduced episode order is more for filming and episode scheduling. "Nashville" season 5 is the second-highest rated program on CMT in the network's history. This is excellent news, as it means the network will want to continue this. CMT is likely waiting to see how the ratings go for the rest of season 5 and into season 6 before making a definite decision.

It will premiere early 2018

The current date set for the "Nashville" season 6 premiere is early 2018. We don't have a more concrete date than that. The season 5B premiere is set for June 1 and there will be 11 weeks. Assuming that the show isn't going to take any breaks, the finale is set for August 10, 2017. This will give the cast and crew plenty of time to develop and film for a January start date.

No-one has said they're leaving...yet

So far, it looks like all the current stars will be around for season 6. Nobody has said they are leaving. When Rayna James was killed off back in March, fans had expected it. Connie Britton had said she wanted to leave the show after CMT announced it was reviving it after the ABC cancellation.

The characters are close to fans hearts and fans want warning when a main character is departing.

"Nashville" season 5B will see two new series regulars and a new recurring guest star: Rachel Bilson, Kaitlin Doubleday, and Jeffrey Nordling. Time will tell if they are going to stick around for the sixth season or be shown the door at the end of season 5.