"scandal" is coming to an end this year, and everyone is upset - even the cast members. Some people deal with those emotions by eating pints of ice cream or denying that the trigger even exists. Actress Bellamy Young is taking a different tact: therapy. So far, it's not clear if the sessions are working, but therapy takes time. It will take Young quite awhile to move on from the experiences she has shared with Olivia Pope over the past seven years.

Young confesses

While speaking exclusively to Us Weekly, Young admitted that the end of her most famous career role has caused her to seek professional help.

The 47-year old actress made those comments less than a week ago at the National Women’s History Museum’s 6th Annual Women Making History Awards, a platform that may not have emerged for her without "Scandal" in the first place.

Hopefully, a little bit of therapy can help Young - who plays Mellie Grant on the hit series - cope with the coming changes.

She also spoke about how the rest of the cast is handling the end of "Scandal," which is set to begin airing the final episodes of the series on October 5. She claims that everyone is sad about the end and wistful about when they had more time, but that the cast and crew are just trying to savor every moment. It sounds like there are a lot of tears and hugs - no indication that the plot will show any of that type of emotion, though.

How 'Scandal' moves on

Young did touch upon what her character would be up to this season, claiming Grant will be a great president. She also stated that a sort of sisterhood bond will be forming more strongly between Grant and Pope (Kerry Washington) as the challenges faced by all on "Scandal" near their climactic crescendo.

Young broke out as a star on "Scandal." It's her most famous role to date and one that helped earn her a Critics' Choice Television Award in 2014. Prior to her casting, she was never more than an occasional guest on any show, a series regular on a failing show, or a recurring character on another failing show. The past half-decade has opened doors for her.

She doesn't have any television appearances in the works, but she has two movies coming out in the next year. The first is a film called "Bernard and Huey," set for release in 2017. More significantly, she'll have a role in the 2018 blockbuster "A Wrinkle in Time." First, however, she has to get through the end of "Scandal" without suffering from an emotional breakdown.