The Fans of "Nashville" were really upset with the way that the show ended recently. They were airing new episodes, killed off Rayna James and then the next thing you know the show wasn't even airing new episodes at all. Everyone was afraid that the show was over as they looked all over for new episodes and they weren't on. So now the news has been revealed about when "Nashville" will return. It is not over and the rest of season five still needs to air this year. Things are really heating up on "Nashville" and there is going to be a ton of drama left this season.

When can you see the show again?

It turns out that "Nashville" will be back again in June. You can watch new episodes on CMT since ABC canceled the show and CMT brought it back again. It will be on every Thursday night in June. This means that the first episode of the second half of season five should air on June 1, 2017. This will be the rest of the season and should be great. You will get to see how everyone does moving on after the death of Rayna James. Scarlett is pregnant now, and a lot of things are going to change on "Nashville." They even added Rachel Bilson and Kaitlin Doubleday in major roles. This addition should help make some fans happier. The death of Rayna James is going to be hard to get over and anything that softens the blow is a good thing.

It could also end up bringing in a few new fans if they love one of these actresses from a show they have been on in the past.

The fans of "Nashville" have been waiting on the show to come back and have been really excited to see it again. A lot of people are talking about boycotting now that Rayna is gone, but this was a decision that was made by Connie Britton herself.

She was ready to move on from the show. The show will go on without her there, but it will be interesting to see if the fans watch or not. It might be hard to move on from a show that they have been watching for so long.

Now that "Nashville" has a return date this gives the fans something to look forward to with the show. It will be happening, just not right away.

Everyone was expecting to see new episodes already, but at least now they know that it is coming. It will be a little over two months before everyone gets to see it.

Are you happy to hear that "Nashville" is coming back for another season on CMT? Do you have big plans to still watch now that Rayna James is dead? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "Nashville" when they return in June.