The identity of Steve Burton's character on "General Hospital' brings forth any theories. One of them has to do with Jason's son with Elizabeth, little Jake Weber. It is entirely plausible that Helena Cassadine programmed this child with more information than during the Chimera project. Franco's photos may possibly trigger memories that lead to the revelation of "Never remember and never tell."

Helena Cassadine may still have a hold on little Jake Weber

Little Jake had the unfortunate experience of being in the clutches of Helena Cassadine, during the formative years of his life.

The impact of this vicious woman on the boy has not really been explored. It seemed as if once the Chimera was destroyed, so was the hold the Cassadine matriarch had on Jason's son. There really is no way to know this for sure, until more time goes by. In flashback's Helena was shown saying to Elizabeth's middle child, "Jake, Never remember and never tell." There may be so much more to these words than the "General Hospital" viewers realize.

Jake Weber finding the photo's of the little boy who looks just like his dad, may simply be just that, period. This phrase could also indicate that Jason's son holds the key that unlocks the mystery of Steve Burton's character. This is only conjecture and spoiler alerts have nothing going in that direction.

Loya fans of "General Hospital" realize that so far, nothing is really over as far as the Cassadine family goes. Every time viewers believe they are seeing the end, someone rises from the dead. There is no credible proof that either Nicholas or his grandmother are gone for good. This is why it is best to keep an open mind regarding all possibilities.

There is something that Jake is not supposed to remember and also never tell

Regarding The Chimera project, Jake could recall Helena's instructions to push the button on the canister during the Nurses Ball to activate the danger. So there is still the question of what she did not desire the child to remember and what it is that she did not want him to tell.

Some "General Hospital" viewers believe it had to do with the clinic where Jason was held or relates to something the child saw while on Cassadine Island.

Fans know they must allow this storyline to play out, but they are going to attempt to figure out the answers to the questions long before they are revealed on the show. "Never remember and never tell," may soon be revealed as an important clue to the identity of Steve Burton's character, or have nothing to do with this mystery at all. The Chimera may have been the end of Jake Weber's association with Helena or it just might have only been the beginning. Stay tuned to "General Hospital" weekdays on ABC to find out if Franco's photo's trigger any memories for Jason's son, or not.