"General Hospital" spoilers reveal that Jake will activate the Chimera project and it will wreak havoc in Port Charles. Meanwhile, he will also receive a canister for his birthday and it will be delivered by Jason Morgan, the man who beat his father. Apparently, the citizens of Port Charles will be in trouble.

Furthermore, series fans have been aware that Chimera is something that will brainwash and will implant memories to a certain person. And this week, as Jake performs the magic trick during the Nurse's ball, it will be expected that danger is on its way and it might as well ruin the grand festivity.

Chimera Project to be revealed

Chimera project is one of the most interesting story lines of "General Hospital." This project has a lot to do with characters of Anna, Alex, Valentin, Helena Cassadine and Jake Webber. Lots of people are confused about what Chimera is. Some people consider Chimera as a mythical Greek creature since Cassadine is situated in Greece. It has been believed that it has three heads, however, for medical terms, Chimera means a little different.

Chimera, on the other hand, has been considered as a person who has more than a single DNA. At some point, it can also be considered as a twin who absorbs another twin or a certain embryo transfer from an IVF. Apparently, Jake knows what a Chimera is and he will be the first person who will activate it as the episode continues.

On the other hand, Jake can still recall a lot from his memory since he was captive for four years and has lived with Helena in the Cassadine Island. Further, some speculations claim that Jake is the Chimera but it hasn't been confirmed yet. As the series continues, fans will find out who is the real Chimera and that is going to be interesting.

Jake will play tricks on the Nurse's Ball

"General Hospital" spoilers further reveal that everyone will have a good time as they celebrate the Nurse's Ball. During the event, Jake will also receive a gift for his birthday which has a mark of the Chimera symbol. Without anyone knowing about it, the canister will be the cause of havoc during the celebration.

Some spoilers claim that Helena must be the person behind the lethal weapon which Jake is about to activate.

Further, spoilers reveal that Jake will perform a magic trick during the ball and disaster is expected to happen. On the other hand, Jason Morgan and Franco Baldwin will be dealing with their own war in Greece and this will leave Elizabeth Webber to watch over her son alone.