On "General Hospital" during the Chimera Adventure, Elizabeth's son Jake had a recurring memory. It was Helena Cassidine whispering to the child, "Never remember and never tell." It's possible this cryptic message from the queen of mean, may be a clue to the identity of the real Jason Morgan.

Little Jake and Jake Doe

Helena Cassidine loved playing games with the residents of Port Charles, and always left mysteries that needed solving. Her latest victim is little Jake Weber, the son of Jason and Elizabeth. Helena kidnapped the boy right after everyone believed Jake had died.

A few years ago he was found and rescued and has been acting strange ever since. No one has any idea of all the evil that may have been done to this child.

It looked as though it ended when the Chimera was destroyed, but now it's within the realm of believability, that this may not be the case. In flashbacks, viewers know that Jake saw the new Jason, (Billy Miller) tied up and beaten while on Cassadine Island. This could be the reason Jake bonded this stranger who came to town as Jake Doe, rather than because he recognized him as his father.

Now with the imminent return of Steve Burton to "General Hospital," anything viewers previously believed may turn out to be false. Elizabeth's Jake may have something buried within his sub-conscience that can provide answers for what is to come.

He may be the only one who knows the true identity of the real Jason Morgan. And that would really bring some excitement to the entire storyline.

General Hospital is about to get real exciting

It's probably assumed by most that Helena saying "Never remember and never tell" was related to the Chimera, but now there are new possibilities.

If Billy Miller is the true Jason Morgan, it's possible that Jake may have information on the identity of Steve Burton's character. The child may have seen him while he was living on Cassadine Island. If Miller is not Jake's father, the boy may know who he really is.

It's true that Jake initially did not remember about the Chimera, and he was never going to tell anyone about it.

Perhaps the Chimera was the end of it all, but viewers believed Billy Miller replacing Steve Burton was the end of the Jason saga, and look how that turned out. Stay tuned to "General Hospital" week day afternoons at 2:00 p.m. on ABC to find out more about the saga of Jason Morgan. And also to find out if little Jake has any information that Helena programmed him to forget.