Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder faced the recent Birth Control controversy amidst their announcement of wanting to start a family. The couple was in the eye of the controversy when Reed revealed that her birth control pills were thrown out by her husband without her knowledge.

As they apologized and addressed the issue, Reed revealed that it was their mutual decision to have a baby. However, during the podcast with Dr. Berlin, Somerhalder said, "By the way, it was the beginning of the pack, so I had to pop all those suckers out." His statement was referring to the birth control pills of his partner.

Somerhalder was criticized by his fans with as he threw away the pills without her approval.

Mutual decision to start a family

Shortly after the controversy broke online, Reed took to Twitter and explained their intention of having a baby. The actress revealed that she and Somerhalder have decided that it is about time for them to have children. Meanwhile, she also apologized to everyone who was affected by the reproductive coercion. The couple wrote, "We are deeply sorry."

Further, Reed added that both of them didn't expect that their light-hearted interview turned out affecting lots of their fans. Nonetheless, she also said that women's rights are something that both of them valued and something that they had been very vocal about, ET reported.

Red carpet event

After facing the controversy together, Reed and Somerhalder were spotted attending the red carpet event at the 2017 Environmental Media Association Awards, the People reported.

During the event, Reed sported a full-length green long sleeve gown while Somerhalder wore a traditional black and white suit.

As they graced the special occasion, Reed added that attending the awards nights is also their date night away from the two-month-old daughter. Somerhalder said, “We’re on a date! We have an 8-week-old!”

When asked about the birth control controversy, the couple laughed about the incident and both shared that it was their mutual decision to have children.

Apart from that, Reed added that most of their friends have agreed to their decision as they wanted to raise their children together.

Nevertheless, the couple also felt sorry when their statement left other people in trouble. While the couple released their joint statement on Twitter, they also wished that people will understand that Somerhalder didn't mean to stir up an issue with what he said.