Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed are no strangers to several divorce rumors surrounding their two-year marriage. While the couple may have thought that these dragging reports could be over after announcing that they're going to be parents soon, the rumors about the two being on the verge of calling it quits have still remained.

Shortly after the 29-year old "Twilight" actress revealed to the public that she's finally expecting her baby number one with the "Vampire Diaries" alum, the duo are again being bombarded with a series of speculations claiming that their marriage may lead to a divorce due to financial problems.

Is there any truth in this?

Even before Nikki Reed's pregnancy was confirmed, the brewing rumors about the couple's alleged issue with finances has already been reported by numerous tabloids.

Reports say that the couple has been fighting more often recently over financial matters.Now that their small family is going to welcome a new member soon, rumor has it that Ian Somerhalder apparently felt the need to find a stable job to support his family.

However, Reed reportedly does not want him to get on board for a new project if the lead actress is Nina Dobrev. Despite frequently posting sweet messages about his wife on social media, the soon-to-be father couldn't do anything to stop the headlines from putting his name next to his ex, whose name has always been involved in his supposed to be private married life.

Ian Somerhalder still wants to work with his ex amid divorce reports?

After the former lovebirds reunited as Elena and Damon during the closing episode of "The Vampire Diaries," Ian Somerhalder reportedly wants to work with Nina Dobrev once again.

Given the duo's undying chemistry on screen, many of their fans have always been on the lookout to see them reunite on a new project in the future.

Though many believe that the gorgeous tandem can definitely make a lot of successful series and movies in the future aside from TVD, it has been speculated that it might be impossible for the actor to be in projects with the "Let's be Cops" actress unless Nikki Reed gives him the permission to do so.

Nina Dobrev, on the other hand, has yet to give her viewpoint about the possibility of working with her former beau in the future. Meanwhile, Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed have yet to issue their official statement to clarify the divorce speculations that have been bugging their marriage since tying the knot in 2015.