Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder did not expect that they would draw backlash for sharing the story of how they decided to have a child.

On "Dr. Berlin's Informed Pregnancy" podcast, the "Twilight" actress revealed that her husband threw out all her Birth Control pills behind her back when they finally decided to have kids. Ian Somerhalder narrated that he took the birth control from Nikki Reed's purse and popped the pills out of the pack.

He added that his wife even freaked out when he threw out her contraception. The "Lost" alum, however, earned criticism from fans and critics who labeled his act a reproductive coercion.

Hence, Nikki Reed came to his defense and slammed the media for allegedly using false narratives.

Nikki and Ian respond to critics on birth control issue

She also emphasized that women's rights matter to them before she called out an unnamed writer for claiming that Ian Somerhalder tried to force Nikki Reed into pregnancy.

The couple also released a joint statement to apologize and set the record straight on the issue.

Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed admitted that both of them never expected that a lighthearted interview would stir up a serious controversy.

"We chose together to get pregnant," the statement read. "A goofy moment in Barcelona with our two best friends and the anticipation of the start of our journey together as we went from two to three, to turn into something representing a very serious matter."

Despite the controversy, Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder did not miss the 2017 Environmental Media Association Awards on Saturday.

The celebrity couple was all smiles as they posed before the media upon their arrival at the event.

They also presented the Reality Television award to "Year's Living Dangerously" by Fox and National Geographic. Their attendance at the environmental awards ceremony was their first public appearance since they were mired in birth control controversy.

Inside Nikki and Ian's marriage

Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder just welcomed their first child, Bodhi Soleli, on July 25. The couple has been married for two years before they officially became parents.

They even agreed to observe a "month of silence" from social media once the baby arrives. On top of that, the two planned to cut their communication with anyone for a month to focus on their child. Both of them, however, failed to suppress their excitement when they finally welcomed their daughter.