Ever thought that one streaming service outperforms another? It's common for many people to choose one service over another, but there are others who will pick Netflix and Amazon together. Both offer a range of old and new TV shows and movies, while also sharing their own originals. Netflix originals are now extremely common, especially when you want a show that hits deep and touches on some uncomfortable but necessary topics. Amazon is trying, but Millennials have voted and shared that they believe Netflix is far superior when it comes to originals.

Studies show Netflix wins

In a recent study that involved more than 800 Millennials showed that 79 percent believed that Netflix originals were better than Amazon originals. This includes both movies and TV shows. It's not that surprising, considering Netflix originals are consistently at the top of must-watch lists. Consider shows and movies like "13 Reasons Why," "The Last Kingdom," and "To The Bone." Amazon originals like "Man in the High Castle" do well, but are just not as good.

In fact, Amazon wasn't the only service beaten by the other streaming service. Hulu, HBO Now/Go, and Showtime were also beaten by Netflix. In fact, HBO and Showtime only collectively gained 14 percent of the Millennial vote, while Hulu only gained 4 percent.

Amazon trailed with just 3 percent of the vote. It makes it very clear that they all have some work to do if they want to take over. It's also no wonder why Netflix isn't overly concerned about Disney removing all its movies over the next couple of years in favor of setting up its own streaming service.

It's only getting better

The superior streaming service is already looking to the future, and it looks bright. Shonda Rhimes, the creator of the likes of "Grey's Anatomy" and "How to Get Away with Murder," has signed on to produce a number of originals in the upcoming years. Other big names, including the retired David Letterman, have agreed to bring shows to the service.

The writers and producers all see that people want to watch on-demand. They prefer to stream when they wish, rather than be stuck to a network schedule. This helps streaming services grow with the Millennials.

There are currently 104 million subscribers around the world, with plenty of room to grow. Now the other service providers need to look at their originals if they want to keep up. They may turn to Netflix to see what it is doing to gain more appreciation from Millennials.