Peter Kraus isn't being ruled out as becoming "The Bachelor." Last week's bombshell stunned fans when it was revealed that 2012 "Bachelorette" runner-up, Arie Luyendyk, Jr., got the coveted lead. It seems out of the ordinary for producers to reach so far back in the franchise to find a new "Bachelor." What was the real reason for Arie getting the gig over Peter?

Peter may still find love on the show

ABC's head of reality programming, Robert Mills, says Peter Kraus still has a chance to be "The Bachelor," but it Arie Luyendyk is "in the right place in his life to find somebody." Mills explains that the network will stay in touch with Peter and that he might be ready in a year to be the lead.

Does that mean he'll be the 2019 "Bachelor"? It's way too early to predict that one, but fans can rest assured that Kraus still has a chance!

Mill shares with Entertainment Tonight that producers talked with several men from both JoJo Fletcher's season and Rachel Lindsay's season. None of them were "as ready as Arie" to be the next "Bachelor."

Kraus thought it was in the bag

Last week a source told People magazine that Peter Kraus believed he was going to be "The Bachelor" 2018 pick until a few days before the announcement. The 31-year-old from Wisconsin had reservations about being the lead and that may have been what hurt him in the end, but producers were allegedly understanding. All Peter needed was a little bit of time to think things through and it was reported that he was made to believe he was ABC's choice.

It was looked promising until everything went radio silent for Peter.

The event was much like Luke Pell's situation when Nick Viall was selected for the 2017 season. Luke had signed papers, had suit fittings, and plane tickets in hand when he received the dreaded call from ABC that they decided to move in a different direction.

Just when it seemed that ABC couldn't shock fans more than they did last year, they went a step further this year by announcing Arie as the next "Bachelor."

Arie wasn't a popular choice

It's safe to say that Arie isn't exactly a popular choice. Although Peter had his issues when it came to committing to Rachel and going through with a proposal, he was more popular than the guy from Emily Maynard's season five years ago who has a lot of negative stories written about him.

Reality Steve even tweeted an abundance of messages bashing Arie. Steve's sources informed him that Peter Kraus was going to be the next "Bachelor" weeks ahead of the announcement.

Bottom line for fans is not to give up hope on Peter. He may be "The Bachelor" at some point, just not this year.