It is official – the Legends of tomorrow is going to return next month in the form on season 3. According to a report by Den Of Geek, the third season is titled “Aruba-Con.” Official synopsis and trailers of the next instalment have also been published. It has been revealed that Rip Hunter (played by Arthur Darvill) along with his “Time Bureau” organization comes to rescue the “Legends.” This is done after they realize that they have broken the timeline. But things spiral out of hand when Rory (played by Dominic Purcell) along with Julius Ceaser (played by Simon Merrells) shown up in Aruba.

They are accompanied by many other villains, which the “Legends” now have to defeat.

Plot details

In an interview with IGN, Executive Producer of the show, Phil Klemmer revealed key details about the villains set to arrive. He suggested that fans will experience a supernatural vibe this time. The villains that “Legends” will have to deal with, are of spooky nature. There will be a drastic change in terms of the environment that the third season is set in because of this. The Den Of Geek report also suggested that “Legends of Tomorrow” season 3 is going to consist of a mysterious villain. Klemmer describes this enemy as being non-human. He also confirmed that this enemy will essentially be of main focus throughout the season.

Gorilla Grodd's character

Viewers will also see some familiar faces on the show. Gorilla Grodd from “The Flash,” is expected to resume his role on “Legends of Tomorrow” season 3. Grodd has changed quite a bit since the time he broke from his imprisonment of “Earth One.” He has, to come extent, developed a conscience. This will play an important role in determining whether he chooses to be on the “right” or the “wrong” side.

Grodd will also be accompanied by Damien Darhk of the “Arrow” fame. These characters will be a part of one occult group, whose main leader is the non-human entity that Klemmer described.

When it comes to Darhk, show-runner Marc Guggenheim suggests that his true powers will be realized this time. He will probably end up leading the group and succeed Thawne (from Legion of Doom) in his footsteps.

Apart from this, a newer character, Zari (from Tala Ashe) is also expected to show up during the third episode, reports Bleedingcool. They will be joined by Leonard Snart (from Wentworth Miller) who will represent the official “Bizarro” doppelganger.