Popular TV showrunner, Scott Buck has made it his mission to churn out a good series based on Marvel’s “Inhumans.” The reports regarding the same have been circulating online since the beginning of this year. The premiere date of its first season has finally been confirmed. According to a report by Den Of Geek, the show will debut on September 29. The good news is that it will be a double-episode launch scheduled to take place between 8 p.m. and 10 p.m.

ABC confirmed that they have hired Roel Reine to direct the first two episodes of the superhero TV show.

Another major highlight of the first two episodes is that they will be shot entirely using IMAX cameras. According to Den of Geek, fans are eagerly looking forward to checking out scenes that involve sequences on the Moon and the Inhumans’ traditional base of operations.

All characters discussed

Reine has hired actor Eme Ikwuakor to play the role of Gorgon. Gorgon is better known to be Black Bolt’s cousin and the leader of the Attilan group of military soldiers. He is blessed with powers to generate destruction using just his legs. In the comics, he can create seismic waves just by a single stomp of his leg.

His cousin, Karnak (played by actor Ken Leung) is also going to make a special appearance.

He is closer to Black Bolt (played by Anson Mount) than Gorgon is. Karnak’s telepathic abilities are very strong. He can see through people’s plans, structures, and all other details by simply looking into their eyes.

“Inhumans” Executive Producer Jeph Loeb was reported by The Hollywood Reporter as praising Ken Leung for his work in the show.

Characters update

The showrunners have hired Serinda Swan to play the role of Medusa. Medusa is being described as the “queen” of the “Inhumans” team. She is married to Black Bolt and is thus the most trusted by him. She is fierce, resilient and can control people using her movements.

“She is nothing short of wonderful,” Loeb said in a statement.

The show also has Isabelle Cornish onboard, who will play the role of Crystal. She is the youngest member of the team and can control Earth's elements.

The cast is further joined by actor Iwan Rheon who will play the role of Maximus. He has been described by the show’s synopsis as being a perfect combination of cleverness and charm. Although he is dedicated to serving Black Bolt, he will be shown as reflecting a desire to lead the army himself. There are chances that he might cause trouble in the future with his “Inhumans” team.