Nicole Walker (Arianne Zucker) has a very messy love story in "Days Of Our Lives." "DOOL" spoilers suggest that this will continue as she finds herself hitting it off again with ex Eric Brady (Greg Vaughn). Nicole used to hate Eric after he accidentally killed her fiancé Daniel Jonas. But in the upcoming episodes of "Days," it seemed that the exes may find themselves back in each other’s arms. But hold on, will this work for Nicole and Eric this time?

Are Nicole and Eric reconciling?

Those following the long-running drama series know for sure how rocky Nicole and Eric's relationship is.

But the pair has a long history together. In fact, Eric was her first love. They have been involved with each other over the years multiple times, but things just don't work. It seems that it is still not the right moment for the pair.

According to TV Overmind, Eric and Nicole will bond even more. But things won't be easy for them. The chances of reconciliation are slim as Eric is planning to leave the city and live his life elsewhere. Yes, Eric still loves Nicole, but things are too complicated for them, especially now that his brother, Brady, is also in love with her.

The publication added that Eric will write a letter to Nicole. Unfortunately, someone else will find it. Also, Nicole's fate in "DOOL" is uncertain as Zucker is leaving the series soon.

Her character could be written off or she could be killed off the show.

Eric, Nicole and Brady’s love triangle

When Daniel was killed in a car accident, his heart went to Brady Black, Eric's half-brother. Nicole and Brady were at peace until Eric returned and rocked her world again.

In fact, "DOOL" viewers were shocked when Nicole locked lips with Eric after confessing that she's in love with Brady.

They shared a passionate kiss that reflected the love and loss they had in the past years.

Although love triangles are not new in "Days", Nicole's story is more complicated. She is involved with two men who are brothers. One, Brady, has the heart of the man she was supposed to marry. The other one, Eric, has always been present in her life.

Nicole has hated and loved Eric. There was a point in her life when she lied so Eric can’t return to being a priest as she wanted to marry him, but it ended their relationship. Nicole and Eric had the best and worst time, which can be a good foundation of any future relationship if they choose to have one.

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