One of the main reasons why Rick and Morty managed to gain much popularity is because of the wild imagination it ensued. The cartoon show is a perfect blend of science-fiction and social commentary. It receives further importance because the messages are portrayed through the art of animation. The latest season, as described by The AV Club, has been extremely intense. The eighth episode of "Rick and Morty" season 6 premiered last week.

The main characters (both voiced by Jack Roiland) were seen being chased by something that represented a Sandman clone.

It isn’t clear whether they were being chased, followed or accompanied by the unhuman-like entity as yet. The entire episode had a very Escher-seque-like dreamy sequence, which added more value. Morty especially was seen going through a range of new experiences. He was seen gripping a “truth tortoise.” For those who don’t know, “truth tortoise,” is a condition wherein the reality that an individual is aware of is so horrible, that he/she yearns to erase his/her memory to get rid of that reality. Morty was in this state all throughout the episode.

The hidden messages in the show

The TV show, in general, is filled with a range of Hidden Messages that most fans, as reported by Your EDM, enjoy deciphering.

The show-runners have strategically placed these hidden messages in outrageous scenes. Thus, viewers often miss these subtle encryptions as they are distracted by what is being showcased directly. One such scene was placed in the last episode. It was first pointed by Reddit user, u/TheFlippyFloppy. The episode introduced the viewers to something called the “Interdimensional Cable.” The segment was filled with mini-episodes that formed a story.

This kept viewers engaged as, without their full attention, many important details would be missed out. The main agenda behind the episode was lying under Morty’s experience with “Truth Tortoise.” What viewers might not be aware of is the fact that “Truth Tortoise,” is actually based on a very famous music conspiracy theory.

“Paul is dead”

Among the better-known music bands of the world, The Beatles have been entailed by an infamous theory called “Paul is dead.” If observed carefully, the turtle creature’s sinister chant is being played in reverse on many occasions in the episode. The band’s lead singer, Paul McCartney was believed to have died in a car crash in 1966. The latest episode of “Rick and Morty” is riddled with the same message that states, “I’m a Beatle, Paul is dead.”