Mario Lopez was assaulted on Friday while working out at a Planet Hollywood Spa in Las Vegas. The assault took place just outside of a restroom located in the spa after Mario accidentally bumped into a guy, who was apparently looking to start a ruckus. TMZ reports that Lopez ran into the guy coming out of the restroom and said "excuse me" which was not good enough for the aggressive spa-goer. He quickly became very agitated and tried to call Mario out by asking him if he "had a problem?"

Mario Lopez escapes injury

Luckily there was a Planet Hollywood Spa employee close by who saw the interaction was going badly and stepped in between the man and Mario Lopez before punches were thrown.

Mario stated he had left his cell phone on the locker room bench, and that he wanted to get it and leave. This is when the man snatched Mario's cell from his hands and smashed it against a wall.

Security personal and police officers who arrived on the scene spoke with TMZ telling them that a call was placed from the spa. However, Mario Lopez, 43, refused to press charges against his assailant, so no arrests were made. Planet Hollywood Spa, did, however, pick up the expense of replacing Mario's cell phone. TMZ posts that the man attempting to fight with Lopez has a reputation as a troublemaker and has been banned from returning to Planet Hollywood facilities.

Lopez blows off hostile encounter

As to why this man felt the need to get aggressive with the "Extra" host and Hollywood news reporter is unknown.

It has been speculated that the man may have recognized Lopez as a celebrity and was looking to engage in a confrontation perhaps hoping for some form of a payoff from Mario.

Later that evening Mario along with his second wife Courtney attended the Jennifer Lopez show at Planet Hollywood, so the phone assault must not have bothered the former "Saved by the Bell" star much at all.

Lopez is best known for his role as AC Slater on the popular comedy 90s sitcom. Since then Lopez has made appearances on a number of television shows, but it is his hosting skills that have really taken off for the actor making him one of the most popular television hosts of the decade. His most recent hosting gig besides his Extra!

work is as the game show host on "Candy Crush."

Besides his successful television career, Lopez is also a published author, penning non-fiction books on fitness and nutrition and a children's book entitled "Mario and Baby Gia" written about his relationship with his baby daughter, who is now seven. Mario and Courtney also share a son together Dominic, who is four.