Those who like the "Candy Crush" game on their mobile devices will enjoy the reality Game Show that's coming to CBS on Sunday, July 9, 2017, with Mario Lopez as the host.

The CBC action-packed game show is in partnership with the creator King Digital Entertainment who launched the computer game on Facebook in April 2012. In just one month, the game was downloaded over 10 million times and quickly became the number one most played game online. It quickly became so popular that last year nearly 200 billion rounds of the game were played.


The instructions for the television game are the same as for the computer game. The difference is that contestants run, jump and slide across a giant wall that was specially designed for the television show. The Guinness World Records described the wall as the biggest touch-screen display in history. Each wall is estimated to be about 20-by-25 feet with 55 monitors with 32 cameras situated to catch each move.

The producers of the show were careful to make sure the format stayed true to the core rules of the original game. After all, the simplicity of the puzzle is what made it so popular with millions of Candy Crush addicts around the world.

One big difference is that the weekly prize is much more than people get when they play the game at home on their own devices.

Contestants on the televised version compete for a $100,000 grand prize each week.

The players

The players scramble across two giant video walls to match up Candy Crush characters. One wall is placed horizontally on the stage floor and the other is perpendicular to it. The players are harnessed for their safety in the air as they scoot across, up and down the wall.

They will swipe with their hand to make the candies drop. Their aim is to make a lot of pieces drop with each swipe.

The candies

The candies on the wall are the same as in the computer game. The colors and sizes are precise and so are the lines around each piece of candy. There are about two dozen different ways for players to make the candies drop to give them a winning edge.

Viewers will want to yell out to the players how to play the game, but it is up to the individual contestants and a lot of luck if they are to win against the other contestant.

As so many people have played the computer game, producers are expecting them to love the life-size action packed version on television. Watch the debut of "Candy Crush" at 9 p.m. on CBS on Sunday, July 9, 2017.