"General Hospital" is celebrating the 13th annual Nurses Ball. This yearly event took place from 1994 until 2001, and was revived in 2013. The purpose is always raising awareness for HIV and AIDS. The 2017 gala is being sponsored by :Burt's' Bee's". 2017 red carpet hosts are Nina Clay, who is portrayed by Phyllis Stafford, and "Extra" host Mario Lopez.

Mario was Saved by the Bell

Fans will remember Mario Lopez as teen heart throb A.C. Slater on the 1990's hit show "Saved by the Bell." He also has been a contestant on "Dancing with the Stars." Lopez and Nina have been interviewing Port Charles royalty as they arrive for the Nurses Ball.

The big event began on Monday May 22nd, with red carpet attendees showing off elegant attire. The opening act was a dance routine done by the Nurses themselves. On Tuesday after most everyone arrived, the guests were treated to another ensemble staring the GH Nurses. It began in the halls of the hospital and spilled over into the ballroom

On hand singing and dancing were Epiphany and Felix, who both seem to have been dropped to recurring status on "General Hospital." These two are fan favorites but have not had a decent story line in several years. Near the end of the show, with guests seated, Nina came to the door and looked inside. She ill more than likely take a set and enjoy the ball. Lopez was NIA, so not sure if that's it for him, or if he will come in and enjoy the festivities.

The revival of the gala

The Nurses Ball was begun by Lucy Coe in 1994. The year 2001 was the last. In 2013 Nurse Sabrina Santiago began researching the event, asking questions and looking at photographs of balls from the past. She decided to revive it, and initially did not have much support. Eventually everything fell into place.

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Lynn Herring who portrays Lucy Coe came back to Port Charles for the gala, and has been in town ever since. Each year she finds more creative ways to obtain money for the ball, including extortion.

Every year since the 2013 revival, "General Hospital" has always had something interesting that happens during the festivities.

There have been marriage proposals, criminals taken down, and people who return from the dead. Fitness guru Richard Simmons even came on board for two years in a row. There has also been a guest hosts on the red carpet for the past 5 years. This adds a sense of reality to the ball. Last year the host was Ryan Seacrest, who is known for American Idol. The 2017 host Mario Lopez is doing a really great job. Perhaps the might keep him in Port Charles.