The "Men In Black" movies are extremely popular and have a massive cult following. Sony Pictures recently confirmed that a spinoff film is in the works. Several high-profile individuals are set to appear in the movie, and a release date has been confirmed

Smith is not in the spin-off movie

According to Deadline, neither Will Smith nor Tommy Lee Jones will be joining the cast for the "Men in Black" spinoff movie. Smith and Jones were the stars of the original films, but it appears that Sony Pictures wants to move away from their character's storylines.

It has been confirmed that the spinoff movie will take place in the same universe where Agents K and J existed but it will focus on an entirely different cast.

In a report by the A.V Club, it has been confirmed that the new characters will be agents similar to Smith and Jones' characters. Matt Holloway and Art Marcum ("Iron Man"), have written the script for the spinoff movie, and have confirmed that the world built in the original “Men in Black” movies will remain intact.

Steven Spielberg is rumored to be working on the movie as an executive producer alongside Walter F. Parkes and Laurie MacDonald. It has been confirmed that the executive producers are currently involved in meetings with several of the industry’s top directors.

Fans are unsure what to make of the spin-off

According to io9, the announcement of the new "Men in Black" spinoff movie has taken fans of the original franchise by surprise. They have expressed their concerns about the spinoff movie as they expected any further "Men in Black" movies to be a comedic twist on the franchise.

In a report by Deadline, the only aspect of the spinoff the film completed is the script.

It has been confirmed that the spinoff movie, for the most part, is still in production. The producers have yet to come up with a title for the film and do not currently have a director selected.

Producer Walter F. Parkes has released a statement about working on the project. He expressed his delight at being on board with the project and stated that it is incredibly exciting to have a script in place.

Parkes has said that the spinoff movie will be an expansion of the "Men in Black" universe and that they are focusing on taking the franchise to a "fresh new place."

The release date for the spinoff movie has been confirmed as May 17, 2019. It appears that Sony Pictures are eager to fast-track the movie and are expecting it to be filmed, edited, and completed by that time.