On Tuesday's episode of "The Young and the Restless," Jack demanded that his mother tell him the truth about her relationship with Graham. The story that Dina told will not hold up to what Ashley uncovers, and may indicate that Ms. Mergeron misled her son. Whether it was innocent or intentional remains to be seen.

Dina comes clean with her son

Dina became weary of her son hassling her over her assistant and decided to come clean regarding her relationship with her confidante. She is tired of all the drama and simply wants everyone to get along.

She told Jack that Graham had a rough childhood and that he and his mother once were homeless. She added that Mr. Bloodworth stopped another employee from a takeover of Mergeron and she is grateful.

She told her son that she is loyal to Graham and that she wants her children to accept it. Jack later relays this information to Ashley who says it does not add up. She suspects that Mr. Bloodworth has been pulling one over on her mother and does some digging. She and Ravi find out that Graham was in a situation where no one would hire him until he ran into Dina. Ashley decides that Dina's friend has been stalking her mother and she is very upset about it.

Ashley digs deeper to find the truth about Graham

Spoiler alerts indicate that Dina will become as fed up with her daughter as she was with Jack for questioning her judgment in regard to Graham. Ms. Mergeron will allow Ashley access to Graham's room while he is in Paris. She is hoping that once Ashley finds nothing incriminating she will drop her investigation.

Spoilers say that Ashley will find evidence that suggests Graham has been lying, because, among other things, his mother is very much alive, and living in a senior care facility.

According to the spoiler alerts, by the end of the week, Graham will return from Paris and find Dina's daughter snooping in his room. He will be outraged that Ms.

Mergeron allowed Ashley access to his personal space. Spoilers say Mr. Bloodworth will worry that Ashley has seen letters that prove his mother is alive. There is so much about Graham Bloodworth that is not known, even to Dina.

Jack and Ashley are only now developing a relationship with Dina after years of estrangement. They are concerned that somehow Graham is manipulating their mother so he can inherit everything she owns. Dina resents that her children believe she can easily be taken advantage of and wishes they would trust her judgment. Stay tuned to "The Young and the Restless" weekday afternoons on CBS to find out the true motive of Graham Bloodworth.