When season 3 of “Lucifer” opens, we expect that the first thing that comes to the devil’s mind is Chloe. After all, she was the last person he talked to and he did say that he was going to visit her. However, when Lucifer wakes up in the desert his first impulse is to find God’s emissary.

Season 2 finale recap

Before we delve into the opening scene of the new season, a recap of what happened in the Season 2 finale. Right after his visit to Doctor Linda, Lucifer left Detective Chloe Decker (Lauren German) a voice message about how he is ready to tell her everything about himself.

The devil said he was dropping by her place to talk to her or to come clean. Of course, we did not see this happen, since someone knocked him on the head and the next thing, Lucifer woke up in the desert shirtless and with his wings restored.

Episode 1 plot

Season 3 opens where we left Lucifer in the Season 2 finale. He wakes up with a mission in mind. The first thing on his agenda is finding out who abducted him. He knows that his father is responsible and believes that he never does things by himself. He is sure that dad connived with someone to kidnap him and give him back his wings.

According to co-showrunner Ildy Modrovich, the premiere opens with Lucifer bent on finding out the truth and finding God’s emissary.

“Basically, Episode 1 will be an investigation into who the heck did this to him. He’s pretty sure it’s dad, but who’s his emissary on earth?” Modrovich told DC All Access in an interview at the San Diego Comic-Con.

Lucifer is suspicious of someone named Sinnerman. He believes that the slightly depraved criminal mastermind is the one who knocked him out cold and brought him to the desert.

Perhaps he is God's emissary. Perhaps this Sinnerman becomes a new adversary for the devil in Season 3.

The devil rebels against dad

The Lord of Darkness has his reasons for wanting to locate his father’s emissary. He wants to find who is responsible so he can punish him. He also wants to send a message to his dad. Lucifer is not happy that his wings are back.

All the while, he thought that he does not deserve them because he is the evil child. Then he sees his wings restored and thinks that his father wants to manipulate him again. However, this time he has had enough of his father controlling him. With this said, Lucifer reverts to his old self in Season 3 to annoy dad. He goes back to his womanizing and partying ways, which we see in the trailer.