Larry King has revealed that he has been secretly battling Lung Cancer and that he recently underwent a life-saving surgery, removing 20 percent of his lung. King admits that he is a very lucky man.

Larry King fights off another potential killer

He revealed that over the summer he was in for a routine checkup with his family physician who ordered chest X-rays. A small spot was found on King's lung, and Larry was scheduled for surgery. On July 17, King underwent surgery at Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles to remove what turned out to be a malignant Stage 1 tumor.

The cancer was found in the very early stages which saved King's life. His doctor revealed to Larry that had the cancer gone undetected he would have faced very serious health issues in the next 2-3 years.

King revealed that routine checkup saved his life

Today, Larry King is cancer free and returned to work just two weeks after his surgery. King admitted that all the cancer has been removed from his lung and that his recent chest X-ray shows no signs of any further issues at this time. "It was fun to see where that spot was and there is no spot now. I feel good, I get my checkups, I stay healthy, and I’m active," King told Us.

This is not the first serious medical issue the 83-year-old has faced throughout his lifetime.

In the 70s King also battled and beat prostate cancer, a Heart Attack in 1987, and Type 2 diabetes. As far as Larry King's most recent health issue with lung cancer, the entertainer revealed that he quit smoking back in the 80's after his heart attack, however, his doctor claims that his tobacco use of over three decades despite quitting long ago is related to his current lung cancer issues.

Larry King also hopes that by sharing his medical issues publicly, it will inspire others to stay vigilant with their medical care, getting regular exams and staying on top of their health care. As for what is next for King, he claims he has no plans of slowing down in his life, he feels good and is keeping busy with his work, whether it be stand-up, writing books, or just telling his stories on TV or radio.

He also acknowledged that he is living in the final years of his already long lifetime, and he feels/hopes that when his time does eventually come, that he will die on the air doing what he loves. Fans of Larry King can look for Larry to share more on his recent lung cancer issues and life on "Larry King Now," which airs Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays on Ora TV.