After Lil Wayne suffered several seizures that eventually led to his hospitalization, his manager Cortez Bryant seems nonchalant about his health, pointing out he's a workaholic and there's no way to slow him down. Wayne, also known as Weezy, is epileptic and has been suffering from the disease for several years now. Nevertheless, his manager failed to assure fans that his health will be their primary concern.

Cortez Bryant comment on Wayne's health

Speaking to TMZ at the Los Angeles International Airport, Bryant said: "He's a workaholic. That’s what got him to where he is now, man.

He’s in the studio all the time trying to make music … He’s epileptic — that’s the reality of it." The thing that concerns everyone is the lack of concern in providing Lil Wayne the adequate information about his health and how it will affect him and his career. Apart from monitoring his scheduled popping of pills, not much has been said about forcing him to rest and slow down.

Weezy ignored his doctor's advice to slow down and get some rest. When asked whether his seizures were caused by the different pills that he takes, Bryant said, "no," citing that this may not be the last time fans see him faint. His apparent suffering from epileptic worsens his condition and is the main root of his several seizures.

Lil Wayne back on the studio

On Thursday, just a few days after suffering from series of seizure, Lil Wayne was spotted in a studio working with NBA star Damian Lillard and Scott Storch. According to Uproxx, this is not the first time Lil Wayne and Lillard collaborated in an album. They previously worked together on the song "Loyal to the Soil."

Just a few days ago, his daughter Reginae Carter announced on Twitter that his father is "doing fine." The statement was made after news broke that the rapper has been hospitalized for seizures.

Her Tweets said: "My dad is doing fine everyone! Thanks for the concerns you guys are amazing." This was immediately followed by another Tweet that says, "Oh yeah .. & don't believe everything you hear." Apparently, her daughter made the comment to shut down rumors that his father is in a compromising situation. Since his release from the hospital, Weezy has not made a public comment about his health.

After releasing Weezy from a hospital in Chicago, doctors advised the rapper to slow down and take at least two weeks off from work. It looks like it's a luxury that Lil Wayne cannot afford at the moment.