Lil Wayne was recently brought to the hospital after suffering from a seizure. The celebrity has been candid in the past about the seizures he is prone to, however, his daughter has drawn some suspicion as to why her father ended up in hospital. It has recently been brought to the media's attention that Lil Wayne has been buying drugs from a famous drug dealer in Miami.

The artist was brought immediately to hospital

According to Variety, Lil Wayne was found unconscious in his hotel room in Chicago and was brought to the hospital. It has been confirmed that Wayne suffered from an epileptic seizure and when he arrived at Northwestern Hospital, he suffered a second seizure.

Wayne was on tour with Rae Sremmurd and was due to perform the next day after he experienced the seizure. His performance was canceled and the club made an announcement stating that the health of their performer was more important than the gig. The club named Drai's stated that everyone working there was wishing Lil Wayne a speeding recovery in the hospital.

In a report by the Mail Online, it has been confirmed that Wayne has a long history of suffering from this kind of seizures. Wayne suffers from a neurological disorder and this is not the first time that the celebrity has been hospitalized because of a seizure. Variety has tried to make contact with Lil Wayne's representative.

Wayne's daughter has revealed his current status

According to the Mail Online, Reginae Carter who is the daughter of Lil Wayne has taken to social media to inform fans about how her father is doing. The news, which Carter was shared, was very positive in nature. She posted that her father was doing well on September 1 and she thanked fans for their love and support.

In a report by Variety, it has been confirmed that Lil Wayne was released from the hospital on September 1. The medical staff has stated that they could not give out any more information about the celebrity as that would be a breach of their patient's privacy.

As news of her father's seizures circulates the internet, Reginae Carter posted a further tweet warning fans not to believe everything they hear.

Some fans have been wondering if Wayne suffered a seizure because of drug use and it appears that Reginae has hinted at this possibility.

It has been confirmed that Wayne has canceled his upcoming tour in order to rest and recover. The star was due to perform in Las Vegas and fellow artist T.I. has been brought in to replace Wayne for these performances.

Fans are relieved that Lil Wayne did not suffer a more serious seizure and that he is now on the road to recovery.