Lil Wayne was taken to Northwestern Memorial in Chicago after he was found unconscious in his hotel room. He was then released from the hospital despite the seizures that he experienced because of his epilepsy. His Las Vegas show had also been canceled due to his condition.

Las Vegas show canceled

Following his multiple seizures, the rapper’s Las Vegas show had been canceled. The rapper was found unconscious in his hotel room at Westin Michigan Avenue Chicago after suffering from a seizure before his Las Vegas show. He again had a seizure after being taken to the hospital.

Currently, Lil Wayne is resting and still recovering from his seizures during the weekend. His fans, however, still showed their support for the artist.

The said show had been scheduled on Sunday night at Drais’ Beachclub. He was then replaced by DJ Franzen last minute after his representative told the club that the rapper would not be able to perform that night due to his current condition.

Back in 2016, Wayne had to make an emergency landing because of the same medical condition he is suffering from.

Lil Wayne’s epilepsy attacks

Back in 2013, Lil Wayne announced that he had suffered multiple seizures and that he had been hospitalized several times because of it.

He then confirmed that he has epilepsy and that he is actually prone to seizures.

He said that he already had several attacks and what happened to him in 2013 is not the first, second, or third time. He added that he just hasn’t revealed his medical condition yet and nobody’s heard of him having seizures. During that time, he said that his heart rate went down but there are people around him who know how to handle his epilepsy attacks.

He said four years ago that that series of seizures was the worst because he had three back to back and the last one was the worst of all. In his recent attack, it was a good thing that the rapper was found and brought to the hospital instantaneously. He also noted that the seizures come anytime, without notice. One minute he might be feeling fine and not sick at all, and then one minute he’ll have seizures.

The rapper said he has no control over it and he does not know when it is going to happen. Lil Wayne does not get headaches—he just goes to sleep and wakes up in the hospital.

The artist hopes it stops happening to him, just as well as his fans hopes the same. While he’s currently resting, the industry wishes for the rapper’s speedy recovery and that he will return to the stage as soon as possible.