On Wednesday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful" things look bad for Sally Spectra. She is standing in the rubble of her burned out fashion house when she gets a phone call from Thomas. He tells her Caroline is in remission and he is going to stay with her in New York. Within minutes, however, Sally gets a phone call from Liam that turns things around for Sally and her cousin C.J.

Liam the do gooder does it well

Bill Spencer calls his son Liam the boy scout and "Dudley-do-gooder", and on Wednesday the boy scout did really well. Prior to calling Sally, Liam gave her cousin, C.J., a check for the original amount of money that Dollar Bill had agreed to pay C.J.

Garrison for the Spectra Building. Once Sally was in her office he gave her papers saying that Spencer holdings was signing the property over to her, free and clear.

Sally tells Liam that he has turned the worst day of her life into the best one. With tears in her eyes, she gives him a hug as she thanks him again. Sally leaves, to go and tell her crew that Spectra fashions is not dead in the water. Meanwhile, Steffy is trying to convince Dollar Bill that he needs to reconcile with his son, but her father-in-law turns the tables by planting doubt in her mind.

Bill Spencer tries to turn the tables

Bill tells his daughter-in-law that her husband has a thing for Sally Spectra but Steffy blows him off.

He then asks if she has a thing for the red head as well and Steffy gives him a strange look. She continues to emphasize to him the importance of reuniting with Liam, but Bill Spencer insists that he can tell that this son is developing feelings for the woman he tried to destroy.

Liam told Sally that their deal was a secret and not even his wife or father knows about it.

The truth however always comes out. Steffy will be crushed that her husband did such a huge favor for the woman who cost her family's company millions because of stolen designs. Dollar Bill Spencer holds the attitude that everything you say can and will be used against you. He is like a dog with a bone and will have Justin watching Liam and Sally.

Bill will go out of his way to prove that he was right and get even with Liam at the same time.Sally Spectra and her crew now have a fresh start in LA. C.J. and his mother will be set for life with the money Liam paid for the building. Sally can not get a loan against the value of the property and rebuild her brand. Keep watching "The Bold and the Beautiful" to see if Sally is successful and whether or not Bill's assessment of the situation is accurate.