The hit reality tv show “Survivor” will premiere its 35th season on September 27 with the same location in Mamanuca Islands in Fiji but with a new format that sorted the castaways into three groups- Heroes, Healers, and Hustlers.

Host Jeff Probst explained to Entertainment Tonight that what is different this season is how the tribes were classified, which is based on the perception of others about them and the positive traits associated with each group.

The Tribes

The Heroes tribe according to Probst will include a financial analyst, a former NFL player, a lifeguard, a Marine, a firefighter and an Olympic swimmer.

The host explained that this tribe could run into potential issues like the clash of personality and ego.

Probst described the Healers tribe as a faction built on everything from a wilderness therapy guide and a probation officer to a urologist. The host said that teamwork is what this group needs to give attention to.

The Hustlers tribe meanwhile include a bellhop, diversity advocate, surf instructor, commercial fisherwoman, a small business owner and a celebrity assistant. What this group got plenty of, apparently, is interesting personalities.

Probst also revealed that this season has players who are also super fans of “Survivor” so the strategy is not will they make a big move but when.

Probst hope the show stays in Fiji

This is the third consecutive season that “Survivor” is held in the same location in Mamanuca Islands, Fiji. The ensuing Season 36 expected to premiere next year is also being filmed here.

Jeff Probst seemed to have grown great affection to the Islands as he told Entertainment Weekly he doesn’t want the show to leave.

“I hope we stay here forever,” Probst said. Since Season 33, the hit reality tv program had the same location.

Not as many places to go like before

The “Survivor” host explained to EW that making Fiji a permanent location actually is reasonable because of the “global changes” that occurred since the reality program began in 2000.

“It’s a different world. There are not as many places we can go for various reasons such as the economy, political unrest, and weather patterns,” Probst said.

Fiji, on the other hand, is an ideal location because it offers everything that the show wants such as the beautiful and clear waters, amazing beaches, a cooperative government, and friendly local labors who are just happy of the show’s presence in the Islands.

Probst further said that the show's crew has never been as happy and they have decent accommodation to the show out in the jungle. “It’s a win-win-win,” the show host concluded.