On Tuesday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful," Wyatt finds out that Liam is now running "Spencer Publications." His reaction is one of utter shock and disappointment. He is livid that he was not told in advance, and also disturbed that his father skipped over him and chose his brother.

Wyatt thought he had a stronger connection with Dollar Bill

Wyatt was summoned to his father's office at "Spencer Publications" along with Jared and Justin. There they found Liam sitting in Dollar Bill's chair. He announces that dear old dad is taking a leave of absence and left him in charge.

Jared is ecstatic and tells Liam he prefers his softer methods to those of his father. Justin agrees to remain loyal to the company, but Wyatt has a temper tantrum and walks out.

He heads straight to his father's house and confronts Bill in front of Brooke who is clueless. Dollar Bill is abrupt and tells his son that he made his decision and is sticking with it. Wyatt points out that he is the one who understands Bill's attitude of making money and the bottom line, while Liam likes charity work. Try as he might, he does not get a satisfactory answer from his dad. He goes back to the office and tries to get his sibling to help him understand.

Liam is more like Dollar Bill than he realizes

Bill considers Liam a boy scout.

He makes fun of his son's empathy for the less fortunate. Wyatt has ingratiated himself to his father because he has shown to have a similar attitude of always winning when it comes to "Spencer Publications." Wyatt and Bill agree more than Liam and his father or the two brothers. All of this is weighing heavily on his mind when Wyatt tries to get answers from his sibling.

Unfortunately, he learns no more than he already knows, but he does, however, get a glimpse of a side of Liam he has not seen before. And like Steffy, he is wary of this new personality trait. They both are taking note, as is Bill Spencer, that Liam is more like his father than anyone ever realized. Liam took charge and at least, for now, beat Dollar Bill at his own game.

He stopped the acquisition of Spectra property, which keeps his father from building his beloved skyscraper.

Liam is now sitting in the driver's seat while Dollar Bill Spencer is taking a leave of absence. And although he was angry enough to punch his son in the face, Bill later tells Steffy that he is not angry at Liam but at himself and he cries as he embraces his stepdaughter. It just may be that Liam may have some of the same ruthlessness his father has displayed as a businessman. And even though he has more of a conscience than his father, Liam may be more like Bill Spencer than he realizes.