Leah Messer opened up about her struggle with depression and anxiety a couple of years ago "Teen Mom 2." On the show, she explained that she had been very stressed out and anxious after she had her third child. All of this happened while she was married to her second husband, Jeremy Calvert. He eventually divorced her because he felt she had changed during their time together, but she kept fighting to get herself back on track.

While filming the show, Leah was taking prescription pills and she was mixing them to the point where she was passing out in front of the cameras.

Fans quickly assumed that she was taking something other than the prescribed pills and accusations quickly started spreading that perhaps she was taking serious drugs. Since then, the "Teen Mom 2" star has been fighting accusations that she's on drugs, as fans try to make her out to be an unfit mother.

Being accused of drinking too much

According to a new tweet, Leah Messer is now facing accusations that she's drunk. It sounds like Messer can't catch a break, as the accusation is downright ridiculous. Leah recently posted a link on social media as she wanted to promote the upcoming episode of "Teen Mom 2." However, she posted the wrong link by accident and one person simply asked her if she was drunk.

She replied to the fan, revealing that she was not drunk and that Twitter must have posted the wrong link by accident.

Because Leah opened up about her struggles" Teen Mom 2," fans now have some drama they can always bring up to make her feel bad.

It seems like an unfair thing to do, but fans love to throw random accusations at these celebrities to make them feel bad. Jenelle Evans has experienced it time and time again, as she is always facing harsh comments about her kids and how she should not be able to have her children in her care. Now Leah is facing the same kind of accusations, as fans believe she's under the influence.

It doesn't help that fans believe every single rumor that these fans say about these girls. One fan of the show accused Leah of being drunk while another has previously inquired about her still being on drugs. Because these fans have questioned her about this, other people quickly assume that it is the truth.

All about positivity

The reality is that Leah Messer is actually doing better than ever. She's back in school, raising three daughters, and she is constantly posting things about having a positive life and not allowing room for any negativity. She doesn't even have a boyfriend, as there's no time to spare. It sounds like Leah is doing better than ever, as she has learned to control her issues with anxiety and depression.

Perhaps fans are just trying to stir up drama because there is no such thing in her life at the moment.

What do you think about Leah Messer's response on Twitter that she is not drunk, as fans accuse her of being under the influence? Do you think these followers are trying to start drama because there hasn't been much of it in her life lately?