"Teen Mom 2" star Leah Messer recently made some comments on social media that sent fans into a frenzy and started a huge debate. The mother of three posted a photograph stating that in a marriage a woman's husband should come first before the children.

The post goes on to state that a single mother who isn't married should, of course, put the kids first, but if that woman decides to dedicate herself to one man then the husband would become the priority. Leah then revealed that she agreed with the message behind the photo and asked fans what they thought about the message.

Leah sparks controversy with Instagram post

"Teen Mom 2" fans wasted no time commenting on the photo, pointing out that Leah Messer had been married twice already to Corey Simms and Jeremy Calvert. They suggested that perhaps she didn't follow the message in her own marriages.

Some fans completely disagreed with the post, saying that a woman's children should always come before any man, especially one that was not the father of her kids. A debate stirred in the comments section of the Instagram post, and it seemed that everyone had a strong opinion on the message that Leah was putting out there for her followers.

"What century do you live in because a man is NOT the only provider in a household in today's world.

And if he doesn't care about his kids and more about his needs and wants then honey you married the wrong man," one follower wrote.

Leah's working hard to make a better life for her family

Meanwhile, "Teen Mom 2" fans have been watching Leah Messer's journey on the most recent season of the MTV Reality TV series. The mom has been going back to school and working hard to set a good example for her three daughters, Ali, Gracie, and Addie.

However, Leah has been also dealing with her youngest daughter's feelings over not seeing her father, Jeremy Calvert, on a regular basis. Addie has been crying out for Jeremy who is often gone for long periods of time for work.

New season of 'TM2' is currently airing on MTV

Leah Messer has been doing much better over the past couple of years after she went to rehab to help her deal with stress and emotional issues.

The MTV mom returned home and began to use the tools she learned in treatment. Since that time she's learned to live her life as a single mom of three children and has been taking steps to better her life and the lives of her daughters. Fans can watch Leah's journey on "Teen Mom 2" on Monday nights on MTV.