"Big Brother 19" is coming to an end on Wednesday, September 20, 2017. With five houseguests left, it means there has to be a special eviction to get the number down to the Final 3 in time for the finale. It will not be a double elimination like last week. Instead, there will be two separate evictions this week. A special eviction episode will air on Wednesday, September 13 and the regular eviction episode will air as usual on Thursday, September 14. It will be the same procedure as last year.

Feeds will be down

Things will change this week to accommodate the two evictions.Those who have become accustomed to watching the feeds will not be able to see them on Tuesday, September 12, but they will be back up after Wednesday's special eviction show.

There are always spoilers, but CBS is committed to doing its best to not reveal the winner of the Head of Household competition until the live show.

Final 3

After Wednesday night, there will be four houseguests left. After Thursday night, there will be only three houseguests left. It might seem different because the reality show will be fast paced this week so viewers will see the results on Wednesday and Thursday night. Die-hard fans of the show believe Alex will be evicted on Wednesday night and Kevin will be evicted on Thursday night. That will leave Christmas, Josh, and Paul being the Final 3.

Another schedule change

Please make a note that there will be no episode on Sunday, September 17 because the 69th Primetime Emmy Awards will be on CBS in the "Big Brother" time slot.

Therefore, there will be a Friday night episode on September 15.

It might seem like viewers will be binge watching "Big Brother" this week since it is airing on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday nights. Hopefully, viewers will see that their favorites houseguests are making it to the end. Who do you think will be the winner of "Big Brother 19"?

After the finale, there will be a break before Celebrity Big Brother airs this winter for the first time in the United States. It has been in the United Kingdom since 2001 and has had some American celebrities as houseguests.

Host Julie Chen made the announcement last week, but she did not reveal any details about the date or which celebrities are considered. Since so many people are interested and chatting about the upcoming reality show, there will certainly be a lot of information circulating about it on social media in the near future.